Front metro car. 81-7080


Power saving. 
As a result of the introduction of the asynchronous traction drive of wagons, the daily cost reduction of electric energy is 1,276 kWh, which is 40% of the daily amount of current electricity consumed by one 5-car train. Given the total number of upgraded trains, the expected reduction in daily electricity costs will be 14% of the total daily electricity consumption. energies of all compounds on the line. In accordance with the results of the traction and energy tests of the experimental train, the cost of consuming electric the energy of 5 carriages is 25.7 W * h / t * km. Daily amount of used email. energy one 5-car modernized train is 1549070.92 Wh, which is 82% of the daily consumed electric. energy of a modernized train without recovery. Thus, the recovery of email. energy during electrodynamic braking will be 18%.

Track width, mm 1520
Rated voltage, V 750
Minimum radius of passing curves, m:
- on the main tracks
- in the depot
Range of working temperatures, ºС from -35 to +40
Maximum operational speed, km/h 90
Maximum acceleration during acceleration at speeds in the range from 0 to 60 km/h, m/s² 1,2
Average deceleration during braking, m/s² 1,1
Maximum axle load, t 15
Availability for disabled -
The length of cars along the axes of automatic couplings, mm 19430
The length of the head carriage along the end walls, mm 19030
Base car, mm 12600
Car body width, mm 2 694
Car height, mm 3 665
Car floor height from rail head level, mm 1225
Base of the cart, mm 2100
Trolley wheel diameter, mm 860
Number of seats 36
Wagon capacity with a density of standing passengers 8/10 people/m² 256/311
Wagon mass, t 30
Axle 68-7054
Car body material Structural steel
The service life of the car, years 20
Service life of the cart, years 40

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