Front metro car mod. 81-7036

The use of the axle box heating control system will improve driving safety and reduce the time spent on running gear diagnostics. The use of a system without braking will increase the service life of wheelsets. 
A subway car with an asynchronous traction drive is designed to carry passengers in the subway with a track of 1520 mm. 
The use of induction motors makes it possible to save up to 30% of the consumed electricity. The minimum number of contacts used in the power circuit helps to reduce the cost of operation and maintenance of engines.

Track width, mm 1 520
Body length, mm 19 030
Length along the axes of the automatic coupler, mm 19 430
Body width, mm 2 676
Roof height above rail head level, mm 3 650
Floor height above rail head level, mm 1 208
Base car, mm 12 600
Base of the cart, mm 2 100
The diameter of the wheels on the surface of the ride, mm 860
Structural speed, km / h 90
Acceleration during acceleration, average, m / s² 1,2
Slowdown during braking, average, m/s 1,15
Estimated coefficient of return of electric energy to the network due to recovery during braking,% 20
Specific energy consumption, W·h/T·km, no more 37
Brake distance from a speed of 90 km/h, m:
- during electrodynamic braking, with replacement brake
- during emergency braking

Minimum radius of passing curves, m:
- on the main tracks
- in the depot

Axle 68-797 type 5 and type 6
Number of seats 36
Wagon capacity with a density of standing passengers 8/10 people/m² 264/322
Wagon mass, t 33

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