Two-axle bogie mod. 68-7085 with air suspension

The 68-7085 biaxial drive-free bogie-type carriage is designed for rolling diesel-trains with hydro-mechanical gearboxes operating on 1520 mm gauge railways at a design speed of 140 km/h under the wagons.

The bogie is equipped:

  • Wheel pairs with axle units, wheel brake discs and gearboxes mounted on the middle part of the axle;
  • coil springs of axle box (primary) spring suspension;
  • pneumatic springs of the central (secondary) spring suspension;
  • hydraulic vibration dampers - vertical and horizontal;
  • disc brake elements;
  • torsion device;
  • an electronic system that includes sensors of the anti-union device, sensors of the heating control system for axle boxes and sensors of the КЛУБ-У system;
  • sand feed system into the zone of contact of the wheel with the rail.
Name of parameter and sizeUnitsNormative value
Mass kg 9200
Base mm 2 560
Ширина колеи mm 1 520
Design speed km/h 140
Показатель плавности хода, не более   2,8
Maximum static load from wheel set on rail kN (tf) 196,0 (20,0)
Overall dimensions:
- length
- width
- heigth



Wheel diameter mm 957

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