Two-axle bogie mod. 68-7047 with air suspension

Two-axle trolley mod. 68-7047 is designed for installation on high-speed passenger cars of international traffic operating on 1520 mm gauge railways with a construction speed of 160 km/h, with two brake discs. The trolley is designed in accordance with the standards and operating conditions of the rolling stock on 1520 mm gauge railways and the operating standards of the upper structure of the railway track.

The bogie is equipped:

  • central suspension (2 air springs with two vertical and one horizontal shock absorber);
  • axle box suspension (4 sets of double coil springs with four vertical hydraulic shock absorbers);
  • anti-union device;
  • 2 multi-couplings to ensure quick connection of car life support systems when changing bogies;
  • nadresornoy beam bearing type;
  • wheelsets equipped with two brake discs;
  • magnetic rail brake;
  • a mechanism for recording the temperature conditions of axle boxes.

Mass, kg

6 600

Bogie height under unequipped coach, mm


Base, mm


Track width


Summary static deflection, mm

350 - 450

Maximum static load from wheel set on rail, kN(tf)

166,7 (17,0)

Design speed, km/h


Overall dimencions according to GOST


Designated service life of the main load-bearing elements of the trolley, years


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