Sweeping cleaner КВСЗ-4002 «Чистый шлях»

A clean sweeper towed by a dump truck with a mechanical selection and direct loading of debris and dirt into the truck’s body is designed for heavy and high-speed cleaning of large transport highways and city streets. It is towed by any dump truck. It easily, quickly and cleanly removes stale winter sand, asphalt after milling, crushed stone after road works, and garbage after mass events. Provides continuous cleaning when working with multiple dump trucks.


Adjustable sweeping width

2 500 - 3 000 mm

Sweeping speed

0 - 8 km/h

Transport speed

up to 25 km/h

Sweeping productivity

up to 1,2 t/min.


Length overall / without conveyor

7 500 mm / 4 500 mm

General / transport width (without side brushes)

2 600 mm / 2 450 mm

Total height

3 300 mm

The weight:

Equipped (without water) / (with water)

up to 5 000 kg / 6 500 kg

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