761.10.070-0 CB wheel set with brake discs


The wheel set with brake discs is used for Y32 bogies of passenger coach with the 1435 mm gauge.

The wheel set consists of the axle, two 590 mm brake discs and two 920 mm wheels. All-rolled wheels are made of R7T non-alloyed steel, according to UIC 812-3 and ISO 1005/6 standards. The brake disc consist of the supporting part pressed on axle, and the disc part which interact with brake. The web is made of cast steel and brake disc allows to replace cheeks without wheel set disassembling. The assembling of all elements of wheel set is carried out according to UIC 813 and ISO 1005/7 standards.


Technical characteristics

Mass, kg

1 245

Maximum axle load, mm




Design speed,km/h




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