High speed two-system emu


Is intended for providing the passenger traffic by railway network under up to 200 km/h speed of motion.

The car bodies are made of stainless steel. The design of cars meets fully the requirements of sanitary norms in respect of ergonomics, microclimate, illuminance, noise and vibration, as well as the safety requirements for all finishing and facing materials. The interiors of saloons having modern design are made of plastic and metal panels with application of wearproof, ecologically safe, hardly combustible materials. If necessary, they are easily disassembled and allow access to life support systems of cars during their exploitation.

The cars are equipped with:

  • bolsterless bogies with central air suspension, model 68-7072 (head car) and model 69-7049 (intermediate car);
  • rigid coupling arrangement and hermetic gangways;
  • places for transportation of disabled people in wheelchairs;
  • power supply system – through static converter, from 380 V industrial electrical supply network at parking, from storage batteries (electric equipment of these cars has backup system of power supply in case of failure of one static converter);
  • system of hot and cold water supply;
  • combined heating system with automatic temperature adjustment;
  • air conditioning system with automatic temperature adjustment;
  • sanitary technical equipment (sink, washstands, shower, closed type toilets);
  • firefighting equipment (fire alarm, fire signaling devices, automatic firefighting installation in electrical cabinets);
  • system of automatic governing, control and diagnostics;
  • system of control of heating of axle boxes;
  • system of control of condition of disk brakes;
  • automatic system of train diagnostics;
  • video surveillance system;
  • information system (information board and indicators);
  • “conductor-passenger” train communication system;
  • audio transmission system;
  • satellite navigation system, Wi-Fi;
  • automatic electric drive doors of sliding plug type;
  • automatic electric drive doors of sliding type for vestibules;
  • door blocking system under over 5 km/h speed.


Train length, mm

230 000

Length of:

head car, mm
trailer car, mm

20 420
26 696

Base of:

head car, mm
trailer car, mm

12 400
19 000

Car width, mm

3 420

Car height, mm

4 400

Clearance under GOST 9238


Maximum static load from wheelset onto rail, tf


Maximum time term of running until first equipping, h


Maximum exploitation speed, km/h

up to 200

Train composition, pcs


Quantity of sitting places, pcs


first class sitting places

second class sitting places

third class sitting places

places for passengers in wheelchairs







Service life of cars, years

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